A letter to Alderman Colon…

Submitted apropos of my attendance at yesterday’s alleged city council hearing, which turned out to be a little Chicago-style political stunt. Some things will apparently never change. Shoulda voted Schavione I guess. At least if you “trow da bums out,” they don’t have a term during which to “consolidate power.”

See this, and this.

Alderman Colon,

As a constituent who had an hour and a half of my day wasted yesterday on account of your little feud with Paul Levin, I would like to congratulate you on a political stunt worthy of Vilma Colom. You are doing Chicago politics proud.
Being most definitely an insurgent candidate yourself so very recently, it’s totally risible that you think the Farmer’s Market should be kept “free of politics.” I’m sure that you would NEVER have gathered signatures there and most certainly would have rejected support from anyone putting themselves in such a compromising position so as to support your candidacy against the person who runs the ward, correct?
I cannot think of a more appropriate place for seekers of office and their supporters to gather and exchange ideas and seek political support, it literally is the closest thing to a “town square” we have in the 35th ward and you would, I’m certain, be most welcome to set up shop down there and gather signatures, hand out buttons and meet your constituents to convince them of the ongoing value of keeping you in office. Yet you have proved unable to resist engaging in a craven display of Daley-esque coercion and while you may think you have proved a point, I suspect that all you have done is anger and provoke some of the most active busybodies in the ward to work extra hard against you in the future.
Grown-ups are what we are supposed to have as our “leaders” and grown-ups find a way to get along and work things out.  They do not threaten a valuable community institution and waste the time of large numbers of their constituents over a political feud. Such things as that are part of the history of Chicago politics I had thought I was voting against by casting 2 votes now for you. I will certainly be reconsidering this connection at our next aldermanic election.

Jason Ward


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