greenwashing (pun intended)

A note to the Westin hotel. Adding another shower head and then giving people a button to opt to turn it off is NOT “green.”From the sign below it:

One of your HeavenlyShower heads has been turned off in an effort to minimize water usage and protect one of our most precious natural resources.

To experience the most out of your HeavenlyShower, you can turn the second shower head on by pushing the small button behind the lower head.

We’re in trouble. (Says the guy who has flown here and is staying in a hotel… Don’t worry, I’m already self-flagellating.) But seriously, even the order of the paragraphs is screaming “F**k it, crank that baby up, it’s heavenly!”

On a brighter note, their $5 voucher to area restaurants for skipping room servicing/cleaning is something much closer to a proper incentive.

For the shower thing, perhaps I might propose a room water meter with a built in allowance with your room rate. Say, 50 gallons per room per day and beyond that it’s $.25/gallon. That’s double what the average Asian uses per day and 4x the average African (but still only one third of what the average American currently uses). At any rate, such a program would probably fall short of the room cleaning/voucher deal in a popularity contest. More in line with “reality” (such as it is), you could give another voucher or rebate for using less than X water. At any rate, I probably wouldn’t make a great consultant to the hotel industry for greening incentives at this stage of the game.


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theunlikelyeconomist is in the midst of the long slog to attain a PhD in economics.
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