links and lists will have to suffice

Too much math in my life right now. While I find it fairly enjoyable, it is very time-intensive to attempt to master the establishment of complex identities (for me anyway,) in Trigonometry. My head is filling up with other things in the meantime, but writing much about them will have to wait a bit.

Stuff I have been reading that is percolating in my head:

Can’t get away enough of Marxist-related analysis of crises of capitalism these days. Just seems like the most relevant thinking. Some digestable pieces:

Michael Perelman (good blog in general that I just stumbled across h/t Brad DeLong)

David Harvey (this link is to a good long-form LRB book review on Harvey’s post-Marxist thinking)

Philip Pilkington has been writing some pretty good posts at Naked Capitalism. This one on Michal Kalecki is my favorite.

Michal Kalecki “The Political Aspects of Full Employment”

What else? I’m reading “Debt: The First 5000 Years” by David Graeber currently. More on that later.

That’s enough for 7:03 AM. Thanks for reading.




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theunlikelyeconomist is in the midst of the long slog to attain a PhD in economics.
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