who likes custom tailored corporate welfare? if you don’t, write or call your rep today!

Apropos of this pending boondoggle:

Illinois committee OKs smaller tax break package

I wrote the following to my State Rep. today. PLEASE, PLEASE think for a moment about how absurd and insanely callous and greedy this is and contact your state rep today. It can be done in minutes. These are the types of things that happen while we snooze through our days.

Rep. Berrios,

Please resist the temptation to submit to legislative blackmail by Sears, the CME group, etc. This is an EXTREMELY absurd package to be considering at all in the current environment in IL, where we are skimping on public services, cutting negotiated pension benefits for public employees and considering all manner of other service cuts. In the past, a concerted effort to name and shame companies threatening such requests would have been considered the appropriate response, but in today’s environment, of govt. which is wholly owned by moneyed special interests, somehow such an immoral request is nearing passage.

This is terrible governance. Let these companies “leave.” It will soon become apparent that CME group will not walk away from billions of dollars in infrastructure in human and physical capital. To suggest they will is prima facie absurd. Sears can take their few hundred management jobs and leave (though they almost certainly will not either). Such blackmail as this is a slippery slope. It’s a grave danger to the very concept of a uniform tax code and an insult to Illinois taxpayers.

Jason Ward
Chicago, IL

Find your Reps. by clicking here.


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