For the partisans in the upcoming election season…

(School has been murdering me – taking 14 hours – but I’m gonna try to start posting more. Certainly much is flying around in my mind these days of an economic nature)

From a paper on the effect of the Euro I am reading (pretty dry for non-economics types, but the paper is here). This is for everyone with a conservative dad who goes on about the tax and spend Democrats and such. Note carefully that I DO NOT argue that the Clinton era was a good thing fiscally or that deficits are really a bad thing (I usually argue the opposite, but for much different reasons than aforementioned dads).

I have added the dashed term lines and the Pres names obviously.

Just throwing it out there. Enjoy!


About theunlikelyeconomist

theunlikelyeconomist is in the midst of the long slog to attain a PhD in economics.
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