Obama’s War on the Constitution…

I have been having a number of pretty depressing but spirited debates about the fact that Obama is assassinating people around the Middle East in numbers that might actually make George Bush blush including U.S. citizens.

I keep feeling like I’M the crazy one for being too “hung up” on things like the Bill of Rights or equivocating about assassinating thousands of people on questionable or even no evidence with robot planes.

Then I found this interview. It made me feel a little better. Please, please, please read it.

John Cusack interviews John Turley about Obama’s War on the Constitution

Finally, someone who posits that it shouldn’t be the responsibility of people who support the rule of law and international norms about war crimes and some VERY basic respect for national sovereignty and the Bill of Rights and so forth to justify themselves. It should VERY MUCH be up to those who would equivocate about these most basic things that help to keep in place a very hazy, half-assed line between a nominal democracy like the U.S. and nations that we have condemned throughout our history (even while funding and covertly supporting them a number of times).

“But the Supreme Court” and all that. I know, I know. I’m kind of tired of talking about this with people, so I thought I would just make a little clearinghouse of information and let people get as informed if they care to be. Please feel free to leave any reasonably thoughtful comments. I welcome discourse. Links below:

The “leaked” NY Times story that started the recent hullabaloo about drone strikes and the “kill list.”

(about “leaked”)

Deaths in Afghanistan

More deaths in Afghanistan

Deaths elsewhere

Why there aren’t any “civilian casualties” (hint: it’s by definition)

Killing a U.S. citizen without trial (but just look at him! Trials are only for good U.S, citizens.)

Killing his 16-year old son (…look at him. What a terrorist.)

There’s plenty more if you can stand to poke around. Assassination is the new torture. This is the guy that “progressives” are going to pull the lever for. Hopefully everyone can get right with that. I suspect it will be all too easy. I’m gonna sit this one out myself.
P.S. Coming soon… Drones in U.S. airspace. Signed by Obama.

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One Response to Obama’s War on the Constitution…

  1. John Humphrey says:

    Jason, ( at my most cynical , long and rambling, 3am….)

    Great piece. I saw this the other day but hadn’t read it yet, reading this after seeing Obama’s speech tonight made me ill. While it was great speech in realm of Political oratory I felt it hollow for the “must have” religious and patriotic platitudes. not to mention what he “didn’t say”
    about the truth of our Foreign Policy.

    If he doesn’t win, (based on the conventions, we still have the debates) it will be because a majority of our fellow citizens are clearly suicidal lemmings, who let the facts of basic necessity be damned in lieu of the hope that if they vote for Mitt Romney-he’ll give them some of his money.

    Moving on.

    I think the Cusack / Turley interview, coldly lays out what people like us have known for quite some time. The United States governments centralization of Power( political), Wealth ( The Banks) and Might (the War Machine), have completely bulldozed the democratic process. The founding documents and even rule of law are merely worn on the legislative, Executive or Judicial sleeve when its convenient to meet some secondary end.

    Turley/Cusack dont go into alot of detail about the reasons for these “domestic measures” but given the political landscape and goal of the last decade of corporate media outlets dedication to cast anyone of its opposite persuasion as “unpatriotic, or even “inhuman” its clear the powers that be are worried about its citizens “waking up from the matrix” if you will.
    I would love to hear Turleys thoughts on this.

    The Right/Left paradigm failure is obvious. It exists at social level to provide red meat to low information voters (LIV) and get as many LIV’s as they can to the polls. Campaigning is big business now approaching the 1B mark every 4 year cycle. And when we dont produce anything substantial anymore other than consumer debt and firearms, all that campaign cash generated by the “show” is filtering its way right back into some “one percenters” portfolio.

    The United States of America is currently operating so far outside its legal margins, in all three of its core centralization’s ( Power, Wealth and Might) that its openly in contempt ( to anyone paying attention) of very the principles and Ideals it supposedly stands for. Theoretically we are a failed state. For if you cannot measure up, as a nation, to your own ideals then your authority is in question not only by your citizens but your neighboring nations as well.
    I would argue that under the proper scrutiny. We would not pass our own test for being labeled a “failed state”.

    So, thats the reality for the enlightened via the Turley/ Cusack discussion. I am firmly in that camp and have “opted out” of the game, myself.
    But what about the rest of the people we know who cannot except that reality?

    They are left playing inside the Right/Left paradigm where wedge social issues and entitlements are up for grabs for which ever party can buy the highest LIV turnout. Issues like Jobs are secondary because unless we break the centralization of power, America will continue to be in decline, (sorry Joe Biden) until we put a stake in heart of The giant vampire squid. (thanks M Taibbi, for the greatest piece of financial vernacular since “Robber Barons”)

    Given whats on the table for those stuck inside our current political system. They get the Obama/ Romney question. Both platforms placate their electorate with just enough watered down policy to make your average LIV feel like progress is being made.
    For most people trying to get up and make a living everyday, and even thou most middle class Republicans dont realize it, the best hand of cards anyone is going to get in the current scenario is the Obama hand, Team Obama is protecting the status quo and will make things ok -enough (publicly) for either Party to go about its merry way until its time to start campaigning again (and as long you don’t let secret assassinations get in your way of getting out of bed in the morning.)

    The Romney hand is much more dangerous on various levels, as Team Romney is not concerned about much right now other than winning, and throwing democrats to the lions, after that, I don’t think they know what they’ll do as every bit of policy they publicly support has a 30 + year history of failure. let alone there public hatred for anything “New Deal”. Foreign Policy wise, messing around with the middle east isnt enough for Team Romney, He routinely saber rattles not only Iran, but Russia and China. He’s dumb enough to go Def Con 4.

    IF you’re adamant about voting then that is the hand you are dealt. Clearly, Obama is your guy, because in the “Titanic is sinking” scenario. Obama is piloting the life boat with the hole in it, but Romney is on board counting the deck chairs, looking for his monocle.

    You and I briefly talked about what it would take to break the system on a grass roots level, That road is long, longer than we have left, I think. Its going to take some kind of traumatic event, something big enough shock people out of the Right/Left game and make them “wake up” if you will- to force any kind of national change. What that is, I dont know, I can of course speculate but its not going to be pretty. That reality in itself, is cause enough for both us to seriously start trying to figure a way out.

    You posted this as a wake up call to Obama voters, in the end I think people need to accept one reality in order to embrace another, Its a very tall order, as we are too distracted, too easily pacified. its too easy to look the other way, when the show is telling you something else and everyone is agreeing. Obama, tonight with whole hearted sincerity, used many one liners right from the George W. Bush “American Exceptionalism” playbook and millions of Liberals everywhere lapped it up like water in the desert, -seriously.

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